"Dress Rehearsal" game vs Seattle...

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"Dress Rehearsal" game vs Seattle... Empty "Dress Rehearsal" game vs Seattle...

Post by MRich on Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:13 pm

I don't like that this game is on a Thursday, but what are ya gonna do?

I heard some local sports talking heads today saying that they would only really want to see Romo play one series, maybe. Then put in Prescott. The idea was to keep Romo from possibly getting hurt.

I would like to see Zeke get on the field. See what he can do. I want to see more out of Jackson, too.

Can Wilcox save his job? Who's gonna step up on Defense? Is that LB whose name I can't remember gonna be ready to go?

I'll be curious to see all these things.

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