Your Super Bowl thoughts?

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Your Super Bowl thoughts? Empty Your Super Bowl thoughts?

Post by MRich on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:46 am

I know our beloved Cowboys aren't in it, but what are your thoughts on the Super Bowl?

I'm going to be curious to see if there are any "incidents" as far as fire alarms at the Falcons' hotel, and those kinds of things. I don't know what the line on this game is, but I'd imagine it'll be pretty close, with a relatively high over/under, for the betting types.

I want to see Atlanta win. I do NOT want to see Belichick/Brady holding up another Lombardi.

I think if the Atlanta team that showed up vs Green Bay is there, then Atlanta has a legitimate chance of winning. I'm going to see if I can do some light data analysis but right now I'm thinking this might be a 38-35 game.

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