Every stone belongs in it's place...

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Every stone belongs in it's place...

Post by lgkehoe on Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:19 pm

I've spent some time laying flagstone patio and walkways. Insuring the stones settle properly requires technique. But placing the stones in their proper place is an art.

I am looking at this patio of an offensive line, and I am seeing some poor technique. That should improve with time, like knowing the fine gravel and sand will settle and the cement will set.

I don't see the art.

While the offensive line play has taken an unsurprising step backwards, I am not expecting the type of road grinding performance we witnessed last season. Whether it is Green of Cooper at LG, I see neither ever matching the grinder in the running game that was Leary.

I am also going to call out Tyron Smith. Perhaps it's his back issues flaring up? But, he is pushed around a lot, and some of Dak's discomfort in the pocket are coming from the edge pressure on his blind side. But I do wonder if he misses that keystone to his right...

I realize 30 points should win a game, and there are plenty of fingers to point at the defense, but this team is still built to protect the defense with possession football. The runs aren't there are first and second down, and the protection for the young QB isn't there on 3rd.

So we're to be patient and let the new pieces gel? I fear we'll not see the left side be the strength it was.

While we're at it, Collins is, so far, a huge drop off from Doug Free in both run blocking and especially pass protection. Correct me if I'm wrong, but was not Chaz Green drafted as the swing tackle replacement for Parnell? Was not Collins picked up to replace Leary? Are we seeing Collins forced into the more valued RT position simply because he had blue chip draft grades?

Of course, Leary is gone, and it does no good to lament what should have been. And, it's not time to panic at all, but I think it's time to seriously consider switching the stones around.

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