I know it's very premature to talk about, but...

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I know it's very premature to talk about, but...

Post by MRich on Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:51 pm

What record do you think Dallas will need to get a first round bye?

If Dallas beats Cleveland (and they should), that makes the 'Boys 7-1. Barring a complete 2nd half meltdown, and assuming Dallas plays .500 football the rest of the way (though you could argue that .500 the rest of the way is a meltdown) they're looking at 11-5 right now.

Minnesota and Atlanta are the only other teams in the NFC with 5+ wins.

So the big question is: Will 11-5 get us that bye, or will it have to be 12-4 or better?

I think I heard someone say something like teams that start the season 6-1 are 51 of 60 making the playoffs.

It's just a matter of where we'll be seeded.

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Re: I know it's very premature to talk about, but...

Post by caddy4bp on Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:38 pm

12-4 gets a bye ..... 13-3 I believe gets us home field through out. We have a tough 8 games to go. We play our division down the stretch and a split is the normal result most seasons. We love what we're seeing so for us, running the table is on our minds. But teams need wins and will leave it all out there, legally or not legally. Just watch Norman or Sherman who hold, bite and kick whenever they can. Carroll's theory is if you hold on every play they can only call it so many times. It stops big plays from happening, so if you get beat, grab and hold on. Pretty simple. We will see some very tough games in December where it will be tough getting a W and we have to make it tough on teams to get a W on us too. Can't relax but beware teams that need the W way more than you do. Biggest challenge coaches face is getting the team on an even keel and ready to play at 1 PM sharp each and every week. Garrett seems very good at that.


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